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Please explain Galatians 2:20: is it true of every believer that he is crucified with Christ? How can we live in this world where there is much temptation as though we are crucified with Christ?

Rico from the Philippines


Dear Rico,

The answer to your first question is yes, it is the true position of every believer.

Now to live in that state daily I would like to draw your attention to three references in the epistle to the Galatians:

  • CONFORMITY Gal. 2:20. I am crucified with Christ. This takes care of me. The believer's desire should not be in following rules and regulations (the Law) although the Law is good in itself, but to be conformed to the image of Christ (Christ lives in me; also the faith of the Son of God). God delights to see that Christ is being formed in His children (Gal 4:9).
  • ABILITY Gal 5:24-25. In this verse, it is those that are Christ's that have done the act of crucifying the flesh. How could they? one may ask. The Spirit of God comes in and gives the ability to overcome the temptations.
  • VICTORY Gal 6: 14-15. "That I should glory." Indeed, these are words of victory (the world crucified unto me). Thank God that the cross has severed my ties with this wicked world, and now I am a new creation (v. 15).

Rico, I would say we have to pray lest we enter into temptation (Lk 22:46). We need to stay in constant communion with God to live in the good of being CONFORMED to His image practically.

In James 1:14 temptations are because of self indulgence. The believer should allow the Spirit to help (Ro. 8:26). He will give the ABILITY to run when faced with lusts of the flesh (2 Ti. 2:22).

In 1 John 2:15, "Love not the world." It is the greatest danger when one's affections are not set exclusively for Christ. When love becomes cold for Christ, then it is so easy to fall into temptation and be defeated (2 Ti. 4:10). May the Lord guard our hearts so that we can love Him more each day and enjoy VICTORY over the world!

Much love in Christ,


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