July 2008

boy lifting weight

Dear Reader

No one could deny that truly things everywhere are spiritually weak, and I wonder if the reason for this is lack of heart-occupation with Christ and the...


Healing of the Leper

Touched and Healed (Mk. 1:40-43) It is fascinating to observe the Lord Jesus as He is described in the Gospels. Mark shows Him as God’s model servant....

man streching his arms

The Two Headships

1 Co. 15:45-49 First of all I want to ask, do you know that there are two races in the world? - two people of quite distinct origin, having quite different...


Seven Indispensable Prayers

All who have studied the Psalms must have noticed many prayers therein which God’s children would do well to make their own for perpetual personal use....

stone written on it faith

Faith! What is Faith?

There are many who can sing the Doxology when all things go well with them in this world. They very readily say, “Thank God,” if they are delivered from...


The Crown of Righteousness

Q: The Crown of Righteousness (2 Ti. 4:8), the Crown of Glory (1 Pe. 5:4), and the Crown of Life (Re. 2:10): would you please give a little explanation...

child and father

Sons - Part 1

Father, Thy name our souls would bless As children taught by grace, Lift up our hearts in righteousness And joy before Thy face. Sweet...


It was only a Dollar

“Ye are our letter, ….known and read of all men,” (2 Cor3:2) Several Years ago, a preacher from New York accepted a call to preach in Houston, Texas....


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Questions Who was the first man to build a city? What was Barnabas’s original name? Which of the apostles were fishermen?

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