April 2022

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Dear Reader

How little some of us know of this, and yet if our hearts are truly attached to Christ, surely, we should not draw back or shrink from the path He sets...

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"The Advocate"

The Advocate does two things: He pleads with the Father for us; He applies the word to us. The one maintains our cause if we sin, before the Father,...

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A Man in Christ!

Paul says, “I knew a man in Christ,” or, more correctly, “I know a man in Christ,” and a little later in the chapter he speaks of himself and the abundance...

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How to be a Man of God

“But thou [Timothy], O man of God…pursue righteousness, piety, faith, love, endurance, meekness of spirit. Strive earnestly in the good conflict of faith....

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The Soul’s Resting Place

“Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance” (Psalms 32:7). My Savior,...

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Are You Exempt?

William Saroyan was an internationally known literary figure. He won a Pulitzer Prize for his writing, but he refused to accept it. At the age of 15,...

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Questions Who was the first shepherdess mentioned in the Bible? What woman did Peter raise from the dead? How many days did the chief priests want...

Dear Reader

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2022 has arrived with all its unknown! We look on to a path as yet unseen and untrodden. Many set up their goals and plans, yet, judging by how the last two years have gone, the ever-changing circumstances of this world will bring disappointment and despair. Uncertainty and perplexity fill men’s hearts with fear. Man is looking around for answers and stability but is faced every day with more bad news and a grim looking future. The dear servant of the Lord, the apostle Paul, who lived in world...

Andrew and Philip

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It is a blessed thing to know that the Lord Jesus Christ has settled the question of our sins so that we can say without a doubt, “We have peace with God.” But it is quite another matter to make His acquaintance personally. We may receive the blessing of forgiveness through Him and be very little changed; but if we make the acquaintance of the Blesser, our whole life will be transformed—service will become both happy and natural, and it will be successful in the truest sense of the word. I want...

The Word to Philadelphia

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It is blessed to see in the verses we have read that, in spite of all the failure and breakdown recorded in these chapters, there is in the church in Philadelphia that in which the Lord can find peculiar pleasure, and that He has no word of judgment to speak to this assembly. In the first chapter the glories of the Son of Man are presented to us. In the 2nd and 3rd chapters He walks in the midst of the churches in the character of judge; and in Ephesus He touches the mainspring of the church’s...

Looking Forward

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In reading these verses I have in mind to draw a comparison between the state of the saints in the day of Haggai and our state today. One has been encouraged by the phrase “be strong,” and it is this that has prompted me to refer to this prophecy. In these verses we are carried back in thought to the book of Ezra, where we have the record of the rebuilding of the temple by the people who had been restored from Babylon and were back again in the land. Owing to the opposition from the hostile forces...

A Personal Letter to a Saint at Marah

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Friend in the Lord: So, you have come to Marah and found the waters there bitter. You had learned already that the world was nothing but a wilderness—a dry and thirsty land, with a “mighty famine,” and “no water.” But it seemed as if the Lord was leading you beside some desert stream, and you longed more than ever to drink. As you followed the pillar of cloud, it shined before you and, I trust, awakened gratitude to Him who “turneth the wilderness into a standing water.” But now you taste its...

Be Prepared!

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A news article recently published the name of famous people that died in 2021. Some were old, many were healthy middle-aged, and some were healthy young people. Some died because they were sick, some died in unexpected accidents, and some died from the coronavirus. I often wonder if they were prepared to meet their Creator. Many years ago, Bobby Leach was the second person to brave Niagara Falls and live. He performed his death-defying stunt when he was forty-nine years old, sealed in a barrel....

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Questions What was the name of Ruth’s first husband? How many loaves did the Lord Jesus use to feed the four thousand? Who was the apostle whose shadow produced healings?

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