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October 2019

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Dear Reader

“Be careful for nothing.” That is more easily said than done. You might say, dear reader, how is it possible that I would not be anxious about the state...

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The Advocacy of Christ

1 John 2:1 The question often arises in the minds of the Lord’s people, especially of those who are young in the faith, “What is to be done if we commit...

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Isaiah 53

This chapter is the central chapter of the second major division of the book. This section commences with a word of comfort for God’s people and for...

A little maid

“A little maid” Faithfulness in Obscurity

2 Kings 5:2–4 There was nothing novel about the history of this little maid. Her lot was common to thousands in those hard, cruel days of intertribal...

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The Secret of Peace

“I laid me down and slept: for Jehovah sustained me” (Psalm 3:5). How emphatic and simple! Is it so with you reader? Does all trouble find your heart...

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Inner Cavity Discovered!

Egypt’s pyramids have a worldwide appeal. Most major news media covered the intriguing discovery of a large cavity inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, near...

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Questions Who told Hager to name her son Ishmael? What Amorite king refused to let the Israelites pass through his kingdom? Who is the only women mentioned...

Dear Reader


Many of you dear readers have recently graduated from schools, colleges, and universities and may be anxious about the future. I would like to emphasize the fact that there is indeed strength given to us by being quiet before the Lord. We are so prone to do and say and get very busy taking matters into our own hands rather than allowing the Lord to work out things for us while we patiently and humbly wait before Him. It is one thing to talk about this and quite another to actually wait before God....

“The Just Shall Live by Faith”

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(Habakkuk 2:4) I want you to notice these words, “The just shall live by faith.” If you want to know what it was for a Jew in those days to live by faith, read Habakkuk 3:17–19. That is a fine example of it. This verse is quoted three times in the New Testament, and I believe each time the emphasis should be on different words. The Just Look at Romans 1:17. Gentiles, not Jews, are addressed here. The whole point of the Epistle to the Romans is justification. God is the justifier of all who believe...

Christ’s Priesthood and Advocacy

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Priesthood is that I may behave well; Advocacy is when I do not behave well. Priesthood keeps my heart in constant dependence in my walk—its exercise is that I may not go wrong. Advocacy is when I have gone wrong.

Jacob’s Dream!


In the Scriptures we often find God speaking to men in dreams, even as Elihu said to Job, “For God speaketh…in a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men” (Job 33:14, 15), and it was in this way that the Lord spoke to Jacob. This seems to have been Jacob’s first personal dealing with the Lord, though he had spoken to his father Isaac, saying, “The Lord thy God” (Genesis 27:20). Like many another young man he was acquainted with the Name of the Lord, having heard it from...

Keeping Rank!

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When David, God’s anointed, was in rejection and hunted by Saul, there were faithful men who jeopardized their lives for him. Observe what the Spirit of God says of these men in 1 Chronicles 12. They came to David (v. 1), they were mighty men (v.1), they were armed (v. 2), they could use both hands in conflict (v. 2). Such are the men God desires today; those drawn to Christ in true affection, who are strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus, who wear the whole armor of God, and who have the...

Grace, Mercy, Peace

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This threefold cord is wonderfully strong when each of its strands is woven rightly with the others. The first is doubtless most wonderful of all, in many respects, but the child of God does well to cultivate deeply his appreciation of all of these precious endowments of a loving God and Father. A concordance will show us that peace is spoken of in Scripture far more often than the others; and that both peace and mercy have a much larger place in the Old Testament than in the New; while grace holds...

Is Truth What I Believe?

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Hundreds of people sought Abraham Lincoln’s attention. Greed, lust for power, and hunger for the spotlight brought many people to the president. Lincoln, a keen judge of character, became skilled at exposing their hypocrisy and lies. A favorite method involved posing a riddle to the scam artist. Lincoln would ask, “If you call the tail of a calf a leg, then how many legs does the calf have?” When told the answer was five, Lincoln would respond, “The calf only has four legs. Calling the tail a leg...

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Questions What is the name of the mountain where Solomon built the temple? Which king of Judah became a leper when he acted as a priest in the temple? What is the name of temple gate where the lame man, who was healed by Peter, was sitting daily to ask for alms?

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