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January 2021

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Dear Reader

A new year has arrived! And like the year before it, this new 365 days has come with much anticipation. It is fitting at such a time that we should look...

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Hope for the New year Therefore, I have hope!

"This I recall to my mind; therefore, have I hope" (Lamentations 3:21) There was some great cause for this hope that seems suddenly to have illuminated...

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The women in Matthew’s genealogy!

It is of considerable interest to observe that there are the names of five women in the genealogical record of Matthew, and although no historical events...

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Partial obedience

So often we hear people say: "I have done my best. God can surely accept that. None of us is perfect." This seems quite reasonable to men as a whole,...

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Christ’s Presence With Those Who Love Him

When the Lord Jesus passed through this world as Man for the accomplishment of the will of God, His Father was ever the object before Him, and He constantly...

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One Quick Call

On February 25, 1955, a young mother in San Francisco made her doctor swear he would keep her secret. He would never reveal her name to anyone who came...

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Questions What is the first color mentioned in the Bible? Who asked the Lord Jesus to show the disciples the Father? How many fruits does the tree of...

Dear Reader

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In one of the darkest hours of David’s history, we find that he “encouraged himself in the Lord his God.” The days may be difficult, for what used to be the normal way to go to school, college, and work is no longer the same. The fear, anxiety, and uncertainty fills the air, and men who are supposed to be the experts in their field admit that they do not know what to do, neither do they have a solution to what the world and all its nations are going through. All around may be darkness; but there...

Is the Church of God an Organization or an Organism?

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Read Exodus 18 Exodus 18 has sometimes been used as an argument to justify a practice in the Church of appointing people to certain places of responsibility and dignity so that operations might proceed more smoothly. Does the Spirit of God have any such intention in recording the advice of Jethro, and Moses accepting this advice without question? There was a friendly spirit between Jethro and his son-in-law, Moses. Jethro had not shared in the afflictions of Israel in their liberation from Egyptian...


Two well used keys

The use of a key is known to all. One possessing the key of a city, gate, or door controls whatever is within and is responsible for its safety and its use. In Scripture the use of the term key is largely symbolic, though it is used in its literal sense in Judges 3:25, where the servants of Eglon king of Moab use one to open the door that Ehud had shut after he had slain their lord. A key is used to shut or open, and the Lord Jesus is presented to us in Scripture as having different keys, some...

Channels of Blessing!

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“Jesus stood and cried, saying…he that believeth on me…out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water” (John 7:37–38). “The Holy Ghost in us, revealing Christ, becomes, by dwelling in us when we have believed, a river in us, and thus for others.” With this truth in mind I thought we might look at how we are to be a “channel of blessing” to others. As the hymn in the old gospel hymn books asks, “Is your life a channel of blessing?” A channel, to be effective, requires a point of intake. In...

“God… A Very Present Help”

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Psalm 46 Two truths of great practical importance for believers of every dispensation are brought before us in this beautiful Psalm. In the presence of the upheavals and conflicts of a godless world, we are reminded, first, that God is “a very present help in trouble.” Second, in order to realize, and obtain, the present help of God, our part is to “be still” and know that God is God (verses 1 and 10). Only faith can enter into these truths. Flesh can lean upon an arm of flesh; but flesh can neither...


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This story is about nothing—nothing at all. That is what you brought into the world with you when you were born. Just nothing…zero. There was a smart young man in Italy who, after finishing his engineering degree, started an IT business and became phenomenally successful. He added a great deal of money to his first zero and became a rich man with many zeros after the number one, an expensive car, and much more. He also had in his car one little New Testament that the doorman at the luxury hotel...

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Questions Who was the great king that confessed to the Lord that he was a little king? What is the name of the left pillar in the temple that Solomon built? What is clothed better than Solomon in all his glory?

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