Busy as a Bee


"O Lord how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all ;"( Psalm 104:24)

Have you heard the expression, "busy as a bee"? A bee always seems to be busy, and did you know that it carries 22 little tools around with it as it works? It carries two pollen rakes, six pollen brushes, four combs, four spurs, two comb cleaners, two pollen pressers, and two pollen baskets. Quite a handyman! The bee can also move its four wings at the rate of 11,400 strokes per minute. A colony of bees may visit 25,000 flowers in one day's work, and fly a distance equal to twice around the world to produce one pound of honey. Just remember this the next time you spread honey on a piece of bread.

Honey bees are divided into three classes: queen bee, workers and drones. The queen lays thousands of eggs, the workers do all the work, but the drones simply eat and enjoy themselves all summer. The drones have a sad end, though, and we shall learn.

I wonder which kind of "bee" you are. Are you a worker, attending not the queen but the King of kings and doing His business? Or are you like the drones, with no part nor lot in His happy service? Those who have trusted in the Lord Jesus should be busy serving Him, and telling others about Him. If you are His, just ask like Paul, "Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do?" (Acts 9:6).You may soon be "busy as a bee".

Worker bees are busy all summer in the hive, and they feed some of the younger bees a substance called royal jelly. Scientists also tell us that when a bee finds a good supply of food, it has a way of telling the other bees where to find it. As it enters the hive it does a kind of little dance, and the other bees watch it and then fly off to the very spot.

But what of the drones? Well, in summer while food is plentiful the workers give them free "room and board," but in autumn when food becomes scarce, out they go - cast out to die in the cold night air.

Isn't it sad to think that while boys and girls who have trusted the Savior will be enjoying the sweetness of His company in heaven, others who have rejected Him will be shut out for all eternity. Now is the time to come and put your trust in Jesus. Then you will be His forever!

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