High Priest and Advocate



I heard that Christ is in heaven now as our High Priest and our Advocate, to help me as a Christian. Would you please explain what this means?


Allow me to first give some Scriptural references to the Lord Jesus as High Priest and as Advocate:

-High Priest: Hebrews 2:17-18; 4:14

-Advocate: John 14: 16, 26; 15:26; 16:7; I John 2:1

His work as High Priest:

  • Help: He is able to help those that are being tempted;
  • Sympathy: “For we have not a high priest not able to sympathize with our infirmities”;
  • Deliverance: He is able to save completely;
  • Intercession: “Always having to intercede for them.”

His Work As Advocate

  • Christ manages all our affairs for us above as the Holy Spirit does for us below;
  • As Advocate, He has to do with sins not weaknesses;
  • He restores our communion with the Father and the Son.

“The Lord intercedes for us without our even asking. We do not gain Him to intercede for us because of our repentance or prayers.” J. N. Darby

Much love in Christ

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