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October 2004

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Dear Reader

Our Lord is now seated on His Father’s throne crowned with glory and honor. God has given Him a Name which is above every Name, not only in this world...


The Gift of the Holy Spirit

We need to now consider one more of the terrible consequences of sin. Sin has made man to be powerless. Not only have we fallen into bondage of sin (as...


The Kingdom Of Heaven

Since our last paper appeared, further enquiries have come to hand about the distinctions we pointed out. A few days ago we came across the following...

a man standing on a rock


Have you ever been really thirsty and felt you must have a long drink? Well, what would your choice be? A good cup (or mug) of the best English tea, well...


"Be Of Good Cheer"

The spirit of God tells us that “in the last days perilous times shall come” (2 Tim. 4:1). The word translated “perilous” is chalpos, and the dictionary...



“How many children here go to the foreigner’s Sunday School?” Thirty-eight pairs of Chinese hands were raised. The Communist men were very angry when...


John 6:53

Q: Can you explain John 6:53, “Except ye eat the flesh of the son of man, and drink his blood ye have no life in you?” Is this a reference to the Lord’s...

door going to hope

Patience of hope

O Jesus, precious Savior, oh when wilt thou return? Our hearts, with woe familiar, to thee our Master turn. Our woe is Thine, Lord Jesus; our joy is...

it works

It Works

A Christian student at a prestigious college met a student in his advanced Math class who scoffed at the idea of anyone putting faith in the Bible. He...

musical instruments

Search the Scriptures

Questions Which apostle is mentioned most in the Bible? In what city were the believers first called Christian? What is the musical instrument most referred...

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