The Man of sorrows


Part 1

O ever homeless Stranger,
An outcast in manger,
How rightly rose the praises
When shepherds hid their faces
More just those acclamations,
Chanted earth’s deep foundations,
Come now, and view that manger-
A houseless, homeless stranger
To God in the highest glory,
And learn that wondrous story,
How blessed those heavenly spirit,
That spite of our demerits
And chant the highest glory
In telling out the story
Oh, strange yet fit beginning
In which thy grace was winning
Bless’d Babe! Who lowly liest
Descended from the highest,
Oh suited now in nature
To make the fallen creature
O love, all though surpassing!
Nor yet in triumph passing,
We cling to thee in weakness-
We gaze upon they meekness,
There see the godhead glory
And, willing, hear the story
My soul in secret follows
I trace the Man of sorrows,

thus, dearest Friend to me;
that Thou might’st with us be!
of haven that wondrous night,
in brightest angel-light!
then when the glorious band
just laid by God’s right hand.
the Lord of glory see,
in this poor world for thee-
and peace on earth to find;
God pleasure in mankind.
who joy increasing find,
God’s pleasure’s in mankind;
of him thy praise above,
of God come down in love!
of all that life of woe,
poor man his God to know!
in manger-cradle there;
our sorrows all to share.
for love’s divinest ways,
the vessel of thy praise.
That thou should’st with us be,
but human infancy!
the manger and the cross;
through suffering, pain and loss;
shine through that human veil,
of Love that’s come to heal.
the footsteps of His Love;
His boundless grace to prove.

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