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Glory supreme is there,
Glory that shines through all;
More precious still that love to share
As those that love did call.

Like Jesus in that place
Of light and love supreme,
Once Man of sorrows, full of grace:
Heaven's blest and endless theme!

Like Him! O grace supreme!
Like Him before Thy face!
Like Him - to know that glory beam
Unhindered, face to face!

O love, supreme and bright,
Good to the feeblest heart,
That gives me now, as heavenly light,
What soon shall be my part!

Be not to me, my God,
As one that turned aside
To tarry for a night, and trod
His onward path. Abide

With me, as light divine
That brings into my breast,
Those gladdening scenes e'en now as mine,
Soon my eternal rest.

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