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April 2005


Dear Reader

To participate in the life of Christ, we must first be identified with Him in His death. “For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his...

crown of thrones with blood on it

The Blood of Christ: Its Great Value

Every animal sacrifice of the Old Testament adds its voice of strong insistence that apart from the shedding of blood there can be no true relationship...


The Breaking Of Bread

Part 2 Each of the gospels describe the occasion when the breaking of bread was instituted; however, only the first three provide the actual details of...


Did You Know?

Let us begin with what you do know, or should know. The Lord Jesus in the Scriptures is presented to us, amongst His other names, as “the Word” (John....

sun rise in snowy woods

Fruit of His Resurrection

"My brethren" The incident from which our scripture is taken opens with Mary Magdalene standing outside the empty sepulcher in which the body of the Lord...

question sign

Is Simon a true believer?

Q: Acts 8:13 tells us that Simon believed Philip’s preaching concerning the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ; however, in 8:21, Peter tells...


The Man of Sorrows

Part 2 A child in growth and stature, Yet full of wisdom rare; Sonship, in conscious nature, His words and ways declare. Yet still in meek submission...

man thinking

The Christian and the Emperor

Theodosius the Great, who lived in the fourth century, embraced a certain heresy, and therefore would not acknowledge the Lord Jesus as the eternal Son...

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Search the Scriptures

Questions Who had the only birthday mentioned in the New Testament? How many times is Eve’s name mentioned in the Bible? What woman was the first Christian...

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