January 2005


Dear Reader

There is something truly great in the fact of being connected with one who is the owner of the unlimited wealth, power and greatness. This, of all...

falg of israel

Israel and the Church

One must have a knowledge of “dispensational truth” to properly understand the Bible. God has dealt with men in different ways at various times and...

piece of bread

The Breaking Of Bread

Part 1 It is with a sense of the great love of our Lord Jesus in giving this remembrance of Himself to us (1Cor. 11), that one would seek to give t...

man holding a sing

"Let no man despise thy youth"

These words of the Apostle Paul were addressed to Timothy, whom he described as “My own son in the faith” (I Tim. 1:2). Moreover Timothy had receiv...


The Lord Thy Keeper

In this beautiful Psalm we have the experience of a believer who, in the midst of trials, finds in the LORD his help and unfailing resource. The fi...


High Priest and Advocate

Q: I heard that Christ is in heaven now as our High Priest and our Advocate, to help me as a Christian. Would you please explain what this means? A...


The Man of sorrows

Part 1 O ever homeless Stranger, An outcast in manger, How rightly rose the praises When shepherds hid their faces More just those acclamat...


It must be applied

An owner of a soap manufacturing plant was talking with a Christian. Said the soap maker, “The Gospel you preach hasn’t done much good, for there i...


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Questions Who is the only Egyptian queen mentioned in the Bible? What gem is mentioned most often in the Bible? What was Barnabas’s original name?

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