Echo of Songs in the Night


Part 2

Father, Thou lov'st me. Favour, all divine,
Rests on my soul, a cloudless favour! There
Thy face shines on me, as it still doth shine
On Thy blest Son! His image I shall bear!

But now, e'en now, Thy love can fill my soul-
That love that soars beyond all creature thought-
In sprit bring where endless praises roll,
And fill my longing heart till there I'm brought.

Thee will I hail, O Lord, in whose blest face
God's glory shines unveiled! Thee will I praise,
Whose love has brought me nigh in righteous grace,
And soon wilt come, eternal songs to raise!

And oh! how deep the peace, when, nature gone,
Thy Spirit fills the soul, strengthened with might,
With love divine; and God as love is known!
Lord, keep my soul, and guide my steps aright.

Praise be for ever His who giveth songs by night!

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