January 2008


Dear Reader

Are we longing for the morning that cometh? Does the thought thrill our souls that we are going to see and be like our glorified Lord? May this be the...


Are you Growing in Grace?

Part 1 Growth is one of the surest signs of healthy life. It is so, whether in the vegetable or animal kingdom, nor is it otherwise in the realm of grace....


The Assembly: Foretold: Founded: Formed: Furnished: Functioning: Future.

Part 1 Before proceeding with this blessed theme it may be necessary to justify the designation used at the head of this paper. It is customary to refer...


Secret Life and Public Testimony

I want to speak about the relationship between our secret life and public testimony. Everyone of us must have a secret life before God, and everyone must...


He Took My Whipping For Me

There was a certain school, among the mountains of Virginia, which no teacher could handle. The boys were so rough that the teachers resigned. A young,...


John 5:21

Q: Who are the dead that the Father raises up, and who are they that the Son raises in John 5:21? A: Dear Reader: The grand subject of the Gospel of John...


The Endless Song

Oh! the joy of the salvation We possess around the throne! Countless thoughts of admiration, Mingling, leave that joy but one. Hark! Ten...


Monkey Business

"So God created man in his own imageā€¦" Genesis 1:27 The monkeys one day had a big jamboree. Their leader sat up in the tallest tree. And said with...


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Questions How did Elisha purify the bitter water? What is Esther's Hebrew name? Who is the Christian that prophesied of the famine in the days of Claudius?

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