Believe and Understanding


Some people refuse to believe the Bible because they cannot understand it. “Why should we suffer for Adam’s sin?” they ask. “How could God create a universe out of nothing?” Now while there may be things we do not understand, this should not upset us. It isn’t necessary to comprehend them; all we need to do is believe what God says. After all, there are many things we do not understand; yet we accept them. Few know exactly how these bodies of ours operate from day to day. I can’t explain how in a few brief hours the meat, potatoes, bread, lettuce, and pie which I ate for dinner can all be mysteriously changed into muscle, nerves, bones, blood, hair, and nails. However, this doesn’t prevent me from eating! If it did, I would soon starve to death. Nor do I understand electricity; however, I do know what it does, and so I make it work for me. Who can completely and accurately define sight, taste, or feeling? We could go on to prove that we really do not understand many things, and yet we accept their reality and appreciate their benefits.

How foolish man can be! He rejects the truth of God because he can’t understand it, while at the same time he accepts the word of man which he also fails to comprehend. He accepts man’s word regarding material matters, but doubts God’s Word about eternal things. Mysteries of physiology, science, and astronomy do not stagger him, but when it comes to spiritual realities, he must know the exact reason for everything, and insists on calling the eternal God into account concerning His sovereign Word. What folly!

Remember, God doesn’t expect you to understand everything He says, but He does want you to believe His Word. “If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater” (1 Jn. 5:9). How strange it is that many can traverse the rocky road to perdition without difficulty; yet they stumble over a feather if it happens to lie on the pathway to Heaven.

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