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January 2004

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Dear Reader

What gift, ability, power, or influence has God given you? See whether it can be used for Him. You might say, "I am young," but the Word of God says,...


Sin And Sins

Although there is a close connection between sin and sins, they are different things. Both are mentioned in Rom. 5:12, "By one man sin entered into the...



In Christianity today, we are generally willing to accept all of the privileges and blessings of salvation, yet at the same time reluctant to maintain...

man jumping

Make The Plunge

Be of good cheer if your hearts are set on Christ: there is your stay, the anchor of your soul. If He is such, dear friends, stand forward for Him; be...


The Lord is My Shepherd

He knows His sheep; He counts them and He calleth them by name. He goes before; They follow as He leads, through flood or flame. The Twenty-third...



Q: Why do we not now fast, as they did in the early days of the church; also in 1 Cor. 7:5? B.L.N. A: Nesetia derives from ne, a negative prefix, and...


Love Displayed

We’ll praise thee glorious Lord, Who died to set us free; No earthly songs can joy afford Like heavenly melody. Love that no suffering stayed...


Trouble with the Door

The renowned magician and escape artist, Houdini, could get out of any set of handcuffs, or any strait jacket that was ever put on him. In fact, he could...

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