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By: E.S.N.

"What is that in thy hand?" Exodus 4: 2

What gift, ability, power, or influence has God given you? See whether it can be used for Him. You might say, "I am young," but the Word of God says, "Let no one despise thy youth." You might say, "But what I have is very insignificant," but remember a shepherd staff and what it became in Moses’ hand. Mary had a spikenard box in her hand yet the fragrance of that sweet perfume has floated down through all the ages. The poor widow had two mites in her hand - a small thing for the treasury, but what did the Lord Jesus say about its true value in His sight? How about the lad with the five loaves and the two fishes in his hand? How many were fed when he gave them to the Lord?

So the question to us is not what would you like or hope to have in your hand, but what is in your hand? Whatever you have, use it for God and see what God will make of it! As we enter into the New Year, here is a challenge for you, dear friend: what would you do if you had only one more year to live?

Dear Friends,

Our hearts are full of thanksgiving to the Lord who is the Faithful and True. He is our help in years past and our hope for that which to come. To you, dear reader, who is praying for Toward the Mark and to those who are helping in producing this exercise, they are known by the Lord and He is the reward of their quiet labor of love.

It is our prayer that you will find this issue good reading material and help for you as you face the daily challenges of school or work, as we are dependent on Him to feed and strengthen His people.

Thank you for your overwhelming response and encouragement to this exercise. Please keep us in prayers.

Yours in our soon coming Lord,

Emil Nashed

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