Trouble with the Door


The renowned magician and escape artist, Houdini, could get out of any set of handcuffs, or any strait jacket that was ever put on him. In fact, he could release himself from almost any enclosure in less than one minute. Only once did he fail. That strange incident occurred when he was touring the British Isles. Arriving at a small town, he agreed to exhibit his ability by escaping from the local jail. The cell door was so ordinary looking that he smiled at the simplicity of the task. On the given signal he began to use all the terrific speed and dexterity he possessed to effect his release. To his great surprise, he was unable to pick the lock! Frantically he tried every device he knew, but nothing happened. For two more hours he worked feverishly. Finally, completely exhausted, he fell against the door and lamented his defeat. Immediately it sprang open. His frustration had been due to the fact that it had never been locked at all!

How frequently, by a similar ruse, Satan has deluded poor sinners who are seeking to find a way to open the door of salvation! They work, they cry, they fret, they pray – trying in every way possible to bring release to their captive souls.

Yet it is only when they fall exhausted from their own efforts, and rest their all against the "Door" – The Lord Jesus Christ – that they find the immediate release they so desperately seek.

You, who today are weeping and straining every nerve to escape the clutches of Satan, just let go, and let God do that which your feverish trying will never accomplish.

For having done all that is necessary to please God, the Savior now provides the only way to peace and Heaven. Lovingly, He still invites men to stop struggling and to enter by faith into the liberating joys of His free salvation!

The Lord Jesus said:

"I am the door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved…" John 10:9

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