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October 2003

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Dear Reader

The center and the source of Christianity is found in the person of Christ. Christ is all. He is God’s gift to the sinner and God‘s object for the saint....


The Tabrenacle

Some interesting facts... Why was the Tabernacle built? To be God’s dwelling place among his people (Ex. 25:8,22). How was the Tabernacle going to be...

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Mr. Darby and World Politics

Most of you will remember having seen, at some stage, an article or a book or a hymn by a certain Mr. John Nelson Darby. Some may even have his 40+ volume...


Heaven's Heroes

You can find lists of them in the Bible; in Hebrews 11, for example, or, in 2 Sam. 23, David’s "mighty men." But there are individuals also, such as David...


God’s Best: Choosing a Marriage Partner - Part 4

In these articles we would like to show to all who are unmarried that there is a better way than the world would teach to find a marriage partner. "God’s...


The Trinity

Q: How can you justify the trinity, when God is one? And how can you call Jesus Lord, when the Old Testament says there is no other Lord but God? W.R. A: Scripture...


The Hope of Day

And is it so, I shall be like Thy Son Is this the grace which He for me has won? Father of glory, thought beyond all thought, In glory to His...


Believe and Understanding

Some people refuse to believe the Bible because they cannot understand it. “Why should we suffer for Adam’s sin?” they ask. “How could God create a universe...

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