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July 2003

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Dear Reader

This is the supreme test. It is the highest test of devotion and loyalty. It is the supreme test of discipleship. Day by day, all down the centuries,...


The New Nature and the Old

Many Christians are often conscious of many conflicting desires and emotions. In thought, word, and action, they find the strangest possible jumble of...

tree with fruits

The Works of the Flesh Or the Fruit of the Spirit

"Works" or "Fruit" (Gal. 5:19-23) Before getting into a more detailed study of the different features let us observe some general differences. Those features...


"Exercise thyself unto piety"

The power of sin within us is far too strong for any of us to conquer. Of course, unbelievers give way continually to this cruel enemy of souls. They...


God’s Best Choosing a Marriage Partner -Part 3

In these articles we would like to show to all who are unmarried that there is a better way than the world would teach to find a marriage partner. ‘God’s...


"Like all the nations"

What a sad day had dawned in Israel when they came to the prophet Samuel with his request. Externally they complained of the misrule of the sons of Samuel,...


Questions and Answers

Q: Since the Bible states that the Lord shall not come until that son of perdition (the antichrist) is revealed, will Christians be on earth with the...


A Song for the Wilderness

This world is a wilderness wide; I have nothing to seek nor to choose; I’ve no thought in the waste to abide; I’ve nought to regret nor to lose. The...


When a Fish “Caught a Man”

“One day a man traveling on a train began to discuss the Bible with a Christian seated next to him. “If you can prove to me that Jonah was swallowed by...

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