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By: E.S.N.

“Lovest thou me?” John 21:16

This is the supreme test. It is the highest test of devotion and loyalty.

It is the supreme test of discipleship. Day by day, all down the centuries, the Lord Jesus has been drawing men and women to Himself - not by force, not by fear, but by love. The Lord was soon leaving and this was the best opportunity He would have to give last instructions and warnings, but He has no other word. Why? Because lovest thou me? includes all the further conditions of discipleship and will lead on to all that is needful.

It is the supreme test of conduct. No longer do we find it necessary to ask the old question regarding our attitude toward worldly things: Is it wrong to do this? Is it a sin to do that? Do you love Him? If so, you will want to please Him. If so, you will want to follow Him. If so, you will be fully satisfied with Him. Then the world and all its charms and empty pleasures will fail to draw you.

It is the supreme test of service. In other words, it is the incentive of love rather than that of duty. The follower of the Lord Jesus Christ serves his master because he loves Him and not because of any obligation he may wish to discharge.

Love demands love nothing will satisfy a heart that loves except love. And so, because He Himself loves so greatly, He can be satisfied with nothing less than the love of His followers. Hence, lovest thou me is the supreme test for every Christian.

It is our prayer that you will find this issue good reading material for the summer months as we are dependent on Him to feed and strengthen His people. Thank you for your overwhelming response and encouragement to this exercise. Please keep us in prayers

Yours in our soon coming Lord,

Emil S Nashed

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