The Father's Love

father and son

Blest Father, infinite in grace,
Source of eternal joy;
Thou lead’st our hearts to that blest place
Where rest’s without alloy

There will Thy love find perfect rest,
Where all around is bliss;
Where, all in Thee supremely blest,
Thy praise their service is!

Eternal love their portion is,
Where love has found its rest;
And filled with Thee, the constant mind
Eternally is blest.

There Christ, the centre of the throng,
Shall in His glory shine;
But not an eye those host among
But sees that glory Thine.

Thy counsels too in all Thine own,
Fulfilled by power divine,
Spread wide the glory of Thy throne,
Where all in glory shine.

Yet deeper, if a calmer joy
The Father’s love shall raise,
And every heart find sweet employ
In His eternal praise!

Nor is its sweetness now unknown
Well proved in what it’s done;
Our Father’s love with joy we own,
Revealed in Christ the Son!

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