The Call


Part 2

My happiness, O Lord, with Thee is long laid up in store,
For that bless’d day when Thee I’d see, and conflict all be o’er.
Yes, love divine in Thee I know; the Father’s glories soon
Shall burst upon my ravished view thyself my eternal crown!

Thou mak’st me brighter hopes to prove, because Thou nearer art;
With secrets of eternal love thou fill’st my longing heart.
How shall I leave Thee, Lord? This joy is from thyself; it is
My brightest hope without alloy, my pure, eternal bliss.

With Thee, O Lord, I all things have; unclouded joy divine
In Thee, who first these "all things" gave for ever to be mine.
Yet I will wait, in labor still in thy blest service here;
What Thou hast given me to fulfill; thy will to me is dear.

I well can wait! Thou waitest yet the word of that dread hour,
Which shall thy foes for ever set as footstool of Thy power.
Yet, Lord, were once Thy will fulfilled, how better far with Thee,
With Thee, my joy, my strength, my shield, in cloudless light to be.

O endless joy! How shall my heart thy riches all unfold,
Or tell the grace that gave me part in bliss no tongue hath told?
Lord, let me wait for Thee alone; my life by only this:
To serve Thee here on earth, unknown; then share Thy heavenly bliss.

Lord, be it soon! Thou know’st our heart, in this sad world, no rest
Can find nor wish but where Thou art that rest itself possessed!
Soon shall we see Thee as Thou art, O hope for ever blessed!
Thou’lt call us, in our heavenly part the Father’s house to rest.

O rest ineffable, divine, the rest of God above,
Where Thou for ever shalt be mine; my joy, eternal love!
His counsels, all, fulfilled in Thee; His work of love complete;
And heavenly hosts shall rest, to see earth blest beneath Thy feet!

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