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January 2007


Dear Reader

With the New Year upon us, we do well to pause and look backward as well as forward. We need to look back over a road we have trodden and known, and look...

light and bible

The Triune God

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit In a day when the foundations of our most holy faith are being attacked on all sides, and errors destructive of the very...

burning scroll

Strange Fire

Leviticus 10 This solemn chapter is full of instruction, and in the time of departure in which we live is most needful. A number of important points may...

white flag


Were the whole realm of nature mine, That were an offering far too small; Love so amazing, so divine, Demands my soul, my life, my all. Isaac...


The Mystery of God

The word "mystery" occurs over twenty times in the New Testament and not once in the Old. It is a word which conveys to us that the things of God are...


Being Baptized with the Holy Spirit

Q: What is the meaning of Matthew 3:11 "He shall baptize you with the Holy Sprit and fire?" Jesse G. A: Dear Jesse, The question you raise is one often...


The Ice Age

Antarctica today is almost completely covered in ice, and so much of Greenland. But did you know that great sheet of ice used to be in many other places,...

sky and clouds

The Call

Part 1 What powerful, mighty Voice, so near, calls me from earth apart - Reaches, with tones so still, so clear, from th' unseen world, my heart? 'Tis...


The Unwelcome Visitor

"Yes," answers the man to the knocking on the door of his office in the late evening, "What do you want?" "Oh! It is just to speak a little about your...


Search the Scriptures

Questions What is the only book in the Bible to mention God laughing? Of what island was Sergius Paulus the deputy? Who bore three sons and two daughters...

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