The Call

sky and clouds

Part 1

What powerful, mighty Voice, so near, calls me from earth apart -
Reaches, with tones so still, so clear, from th' unseen world, my heart?

'Tis solemn, yet it draws with power, and sweetness yet unknown;
It speaks the language of an hour when earth's for ever gone.

It soothes, yet solemnizes all; what yet of nature is
Lies silent, through the heavenly call; no earthly voice like this!

Tis His. Yes, yes; no other sound could move my heart like this;
The voice of Him that earlier bound through grace that heart to His-

In other accents now, 'tis true, than once my spirit woke,
To life and peace, through which it grew under his gracious yoke.

Blest Lord, Thou speak'st! 'Twas erst Thy voice that led my heart to thee;
That drew me to that better choice where grace has set me free.

Then would'st Thou that I should rejoice, and walk by faith below;
Enough, that I had heard Thy voice, and learnt Thy love's deep woe-

Thy glory, Lord. This living waste thenceforth no rest could give;
My path was on with earnest haste, Lord, in Thy rest to live.

Yes, then 'twas faith - Thy word; by now Thyself my soul draw'st nigh,
My soul with nearer thoughts to bow of brighter worlds on high.

And oh! how all that eye can see to others now belongs!
The eternal home's so nigh to me -my soul's eternal songs.

For Thou are near; thou call'st me now in love I long have known,
While waiting on Thy will below, till Thou my hopes should'st crown.

And Thou would'st have me soon with Thee; thou, Lord, my portion art;
Thou hast revealed thyself to me - thy nature to my heart.

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