October 2006


Dear Reader

This is one of the greatest needs in the Christian’s life: the need to live in the spirit and habit of prayer. It is the lack of prayer that lies a...


Speaking in Tongues

A young Christian told me that he was talking to one of his Christian classmates who told him that he heard that every Christian needed to be bless...

clowdy day

The Development of Evil: "The Mystery of Iniquity" 2 Thessalonians 2

We hardly need to be reminded that iniquity is at work in the universe, but we do need to face it since it has affected us as well as the world aro...

smiling man

Christian living - Part 4

We would like with God‘s help, to take up some of the special dangers or besetting sins to which young Christian (and old ones as well) are liable,...


Loving Kindness

We have been engaged with the sphere where the constraining love of Christ is known, and I wish to follow that then in using this Psalm as a descri...


Romans 11:26

Q: I read a passage of the Scripture the other day that puzzled me a little. It is Romans 11:26. What does it mean that all of Israel will be saved...

praying man

The Soul’s Desire

I’m waiting for Thee, Lord, Thyself then to see, Lord; I’m waiting for Thee, at Thy coming again. Thy glory’ll be great, Lord, in heavenly stat...


The Eagle at Niagara

A gentleman standing by Niagara Falls saw an eagle swoop down upon a frozen lamb encased in a floating piece of ice. The eagle stood upon it as it...


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Questions What group of converts burned their books of magic? Who was the first hunter named in the Bible? Where were Joseph’s bones finally buried?

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