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January 2003

dear reader

Dear Reader

"The exceeding riches of his grace" Eph.2:7 "The exceeding greatness of his power" Eph. 1: 9 "Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus" 2 Tim. 2:1 "Be...


Spiritual Growth

"And that from a child thou hast known the sacred letters, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation, through faith which is in Christ Jesus" 2...


Hades, Sheol, Hell, and Paradise

The afterlife! It is always a big question in the mind of many and a very interesting subject to study. Let us see what the Word of God would teach us...



The subject of discipleship is not very frequently brought before us; if we neglect it, we lose a great deal that is most helpful to us in our Christian...


God’s Best - Choosing a Marriage Partner - Part 1

In these articles we would like to show to all who are unmarried that there is a better way than the world would teach to find a marriage partner. "God’s...

grand canion

Telling a Geological Tale

The Grand Canyon Grand Canyon strata show geologic time is imaginary: Visitors to the Grand Canyon hear the usual geological interpretation involving...

woman raising hand

Well pleasing to Him

To be well–pleasing to any person, you must know him. So it is with your Lord. You cannot know Him intimately and well if you do not spend much time with...


Bitter Herbs

Q: I understand that the Passover lamb speaks of the death of Christ, but what do the bitter herbs speak of? Can you explain? Your brother, P. B. A: The...


We Shall See Thy Face

And we shall see thy face, And hear thy heavenly voice, Well known to us in present grace! Well May our hearts rejoice. With thee in garments...


A Word To the Scoffer

In 1778, the French philosopher Voltaire said that with one hand he would break off the edifice of Christianity, whereas the hands of twelve apostles...

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