We Shall See Thy Face


And we shall see thy face,
And hear thy heavenly voice,
Well known to us in present grace!
Well May our hearts rejoice.
With thee in garments white,
Lord Jesus we shall walk,
And spotless in that heavenly light,
Of all thy sufferings talk.
Close to thy trusted side,
In fellowship divine;
No cloud, no distance, e’er shall hide,
Glories that then shall shine.
Fruit of thy bound-less love,
That gave thy-self for us;
Forever we shall with thee prove,
That thou still love’st us thus.
And we love thee, blest Lord,
E’en now, Though feeble here,
Thy sorrow and thy cross record,
What makes us know thee near.
We wait to see thee, Lord,
Yet now within our hearts,
Thou dwell’st in love that doth afford
The joy that love imparts.
Yet still we wait for thee,
To see thee as thou art;
Be with thee, like thee, Lord and free
To love with all our heart.

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