How to Maintain the Truth


Recently, I came across an extract from a letter written a number of years ago which appears to be very appropriate to some of us today. It is as follows: -

"By some an attempt is being made to pull down the barriers of truth and make us give up what we have. If the younger men amongst us, who are so soon to take the lead, if the Lord tarry yet awhile, are not true in practice to the truth, not only of the gospel, but also of the church of God, the truth itself will slip away from them. As I see the developments all around, I burn with jealousy for the truth we have. It makes us in its practice, a people rejected by all, but who have the bread that all need. If we keep separated from every movement which leaves out what gives offence in the truth; if we just live out in practice what the truth is, we shall remain no doubt a small, unpopular people, but we shall be to the end God's vessel of truth to His whole church on earth, and that will be ten thousand times better throughout eternity than to have been on popular lines for greater success to men."

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