A Song and a Prayer

By: R.B.W

Blessed Redeemer! sent from above,
Matchless Thy beauty, wondrous Thy love,
Tender Thy mercies, faithful Thy word,
Gladly I own Thee Saviour and Lord.

Precious the moments when I retrace
Thy path so lowly, Thy ways of grace,
Hearts that were broken, eyes that were blind,
In Thy blest presence healing did find.

Tempted of Satan, yet did'st Thou go
Forward in triumph o'er every foe,
Till in the darkness of Calv'ry's tree,
Thou did'st atone for sinners like me.

Past all Thy sorrow, now on the Throne,
Thou without ceasing lovest Thine own,
Constant and watchful, Thy shepherd care,
Till they together Thy glory share.

Come! Precious Saviour into my heart,
Bid ev'ry rival thence to depart,
Be Thou my pilot safe to the shore,
With Thee to enter joys evermore.

Keep me, Lord Jesus, to Thee so near,
Let Thy blest presence banish all fear,
Soon from the glory Thou wilt descend,
Soon shall I see Thee, Saviour and Friend.

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