A Word To the Scoffer


In 1778, the French philosopher Voltaire said that with one hand he would break off the edifice of Christianity, whereas the hands of twelve apostles had been necessary to build it up. He prophesied that within a short period of time the Bible would no longer be read. With this end in view he wrote a great number of blasphemous articles which were then printed in his own printing shop.

Voltaire died with the words: "I am now being cast into hell."

The great God so ordered that later Bibles were produced in Voltaire's own print shop.

If all the books that have been written against the Bible were stacked on top of each other, there would be a pile higher than the Eiffel tower. Then place the Bible beside them! It is the conqueror and outlives all its enemies. No result of science, whether archeology, physics or geology, contradicts the Bible. Could it be otherwise? Would the one who formed the whole universe and all knowledge contradict Himself?

The Bible is complete. Pure gold is not gilded and rubies are not painted. So there is nothing that can improve the Bible - you do not need to light a lamp to see the sun.

Neither does the sun need to prove that it is the sun; it is self-evident. So it is with the Bible. It bears the seal of God.

The Bible urgently exhorts you to make your encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ here and now. If not, you must come face to face with Him at the judgment, where you will no longer find grace, for, "It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment" (Heb. 9:27).

Decide in time! There is no way out of this meeting with the Lord Jesus Christ as your judge if you do not accept Him now as your Savior.

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