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October 2002

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Dear Reader

What is the highest ambition of your life? You know how the man of the world would answer such a question, but how about you, dear young Christian? I...

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In The Wrong Place

    The Apparent Cause 1. Abram in Egypt Gen. 12:10 Anxiety 2. Lot in Sodom Gen. 19:1 Ambition 3. Jacob in Shechem Gen. 33:18 Half-heartedness 4....

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The Christian and Politics

Involvement in politics is one of the questions of daily living Christians find hard to come to terms with. Many point to a good influence that may result...


What is Inspiration?

By inspiration we mean that which is God-breathed. We are told "all (or every) scripture is given by inspiration of God." It might be rendered "every...


The Whole Armor of God - Part 4

In his first epistle to Timothy, the apostle Paul writes, "the end of what is enjoined is love out of a pure heart and a good conscience and unfeigned...

more than conquerors

More than Conquerors

The phrase "more than conquerors" used by the apostle Paul with such supreme confidence is but one word in the Greek, and is used only in this verse....


Carbon Dating: Dating Method

How many times have you heard something like, "This animal lived 50,000 years ago," or "This person died 20,000 years ago?" Have you ever wondered how...


Stand There

Q: If someone is doing something mean to someone else, and you just stand there, is that like sinning too? Liz A: Dear Liz, In view of your question,...


The Upward Way

Sing without ceasing, sing The Saviour's present grace; How all things shine, In light divine For those who've seen His face. He's gone within...


A Word to the Atheist

A present-day poet relates how he was dining at a table with some young men who were talking about God and other religious matters. They described themselves...

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