A Word to the Atheist


A present-day poet relates how he was dining at a table with some young men who were talking about God and other religious matters. They described themselves as atheists. After listening for a time in silence he said, “Gentlemen, there are only three kind of atheists. The first are deep thinkers who, in the course of studying the philosophical system of ancient and modern times, have been turned aside and at last missed God. I do not know if such studies have brought you to this point.” Modestly they acknowledged that this was not the case. “Now the second kind are those who, without any judgment and in parrot-fashion, repeat what they hear from others. I hope you are not among that number.” This they denied indignantly. “Well then, the third kind consists of those who do not have a good conscience, whose past life holds some evil deed, so they cannot help but wish that there is no God of holiness and righteousness. They take comfort in the claim there is no God, and so go on sinning to their heart’s desire. Gentlemen, there is no fourth kind.” And with that he got up from the table and left the atheists with very long faces.

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