"This Thing is From Me"

disappointment man

"I Ki. 12:24"

The disappointments of life are in reality only the decrees of love. I have a message for thee today, My child. I will whisper it softly in thine ear, in order that the stormclouds which appear may be gilt with glory, and the thorns on which thou mayest have to walk be blunted. The message is but short – a tiny sentence – but allow it to sink into the depths of thine heart, and be to thee as a cushion on which to rest thy weary head: "This thing is from Me."

Hast thou never thought that all which concerns thee, concerns Me also? He that toucheth thee toucheth the apple of Mine eye (Zch. 2:8 ) Thou hast been precious in Mine eyes, that is why I take a special interest in thine upbringing. When temptation assails thee, and the "enemy comes in like a flood," I would wish thee to know that "This thing is from Me." I am the God of circumstances. Thou hast not been placed where thou art by chance, but because it is the place I have chosen for thee. Didst thou not ask to become humble? Behold, I have placed thee in the very place where this lesson is to be learned. It is by thy surroundings and thy companions that the working of My will is to come about.

Hast thou money difficulties? Is it hard to keep within thine income? "This thing is from Me." For I am He that possesseth all things. I wish thee to draw everything from Me, and that thou depend entirely upon Me. My riches are illimitable (Phi. 4:19). Put My promise to the proof, so that it may not be said of thee,"Yet in this thing ye did not believe the Lord thy God."

Art thou passing through a night of affliction? "This thing is from Me." I am the man of sorrows and acquainted with grief (Isa. 53:3). I have left thee without human support that in turning to Me thou mightest obtain consolation (2 Th. 2: 16,17).

Has some friend disappointed thee? One to whom thou hast opened thine heart? "This thing is from Me." I have allowed this disappointment that thou mightest learn that the best Friend is Jesus. I long to be thy Confidant.

Has someone said false things of thee? Leave that, and come closer to Me, under My wings, away from the place of worldly dispute, for I will bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and they judgment as the noonday (Psa. 37:6). Have thy plans been all upset? Art thou crushed and weary? "This thing is from Me." Hast thou made plans and then, coming, asked Me to bless them? I wish to make thy plans for thee. I will take the responsibility, for it is too heavy for thee, thou couldst not perform it alone. (Ex. 18:18). Thou art but an instrument and not an agent.

Hast thou desired fervently to do some great work for me? Instead of that thou hast been laid on one side, on a bed of sickness and suffering. "This thing is from Me." I was unable to attract thine attention while thou wast so active. I wish to teach thee some of My deep lessons. It is only those who have learned to wait patiently who can serve me. My greatest workers are sometimes those who are laid aside form active service in order that they may learn to wield the weapon of prayer.

Art thou suddenly called to occupy a difficult position full of responsibilities? Go forward, counting on Me. I am giving thee the position full of difficulties for the reason that Jehovah thy God will bless thee in all thy works and in all the business of thy hands (Deu. 15:18). This day I place in thy hand a pot of holy oil. Draw from it freely, My child, that all the circumstances arising along the pathway, each word that gives thee pain, each manifestation of thy feebleness, may be anointed with this oil. Remember that interruptions are divine instructions. The sting will go in the measure in which thou seest Me in all things. Therefore set your heart unto all the works that I testify among you this day. For it is your life (Deu. 32:46, 47).

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