Smart Worm

fire in the forest

A Chief of a tribe in the Amazon jungles, who had been by grace led to see Jesus as His Saviour, was one day asked by Western explorers, who were amazed at the kindness the Chief had shown to them, what he had done to become a Christian. "I did nothing," he replied. "Well, tell us how it happened, then, that you are so changed." "Come into the woods with me and I will show you," said the Chief. "I can’t talk but I will show you." They went with him into the woods, and the Chief busied himself in clearing a place in the ground all round a little hole in which a worm burrowed. He next took some small dry sticks, and with these he made a circle about two feet from the wormhole. Then he asked one of them to light a match and set the wood on fire. This was done, and presently there was a hot ring of fire all round the wormhole. Soon the worm came out of the hole and seemed not to know what to do, for as it turned round it saw that the fire was on every side. The Chief now put forth his hand, but the worm would not crawl on it, and he took his hand away.

Presently, as the fire grew hotter and hotter, the poor worm crawled in every direction, and each time returned to its hole, finding no outlet, no way of escape from the flame. At last it seemed to have found out that it could not save itself for it now remained quite still in the centre of the ring, while the fire came nearer and nearer. At the last moment, before the fire touched it, the Chief put out his hand again; and now the poor worm crawled on to it and he lifted it out of the burning circle and placed it safely on the ground, far away from the danger.

"Now", said the Chief, "I was the poor worm; I could not get out of the fire; I crawled every way, but I could not save myself." Then, raising his eyes upwards, he said, "But the blessed Lord Jesus, He lifted the poor jungle man out of the fire. I the poor Amazon man crawled into His hand, and He lifted me out of the fire and set me down in safe place."

Poor lost sinner, come to Jesus just as you are. Now is the time. He in tender love is waiting to save you. Come now, for now is the accepted time. Jesus is soon coming to take all His saved ones to be forever with Him. Come while yet there is time, and remember there is nothing for you to do. Nothing.

"Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners" (1 Timothy 1:15).

"If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart, that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be SAVED" (Romans. 10:9).

Do not keep trying to reach God in your own way, for it will lead you nowhere. In faith take that step and receive Jesus into your heart by faith.

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