January 2014

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On Our Way to Eternity

Dear Reader, The year 2014 is here, and we heartily wish that the happiness which really abides-the happiness which flows from the knowledge and...


Snow Lessons

The time of snow has come upon us again, and happy children, full of joy, will delight in the fun which the fighting of snow battles, the making...


God's Buildings

The Holy Scriptures bring God before us in many of His activities. He is represented as a husbandman who planted Eden's garden for the blessing...


Keep The Fire Burning

KEEP THE FIRE BURNING A group of young people stood on a spot where the night before they had had a glorious fire; they were measuring the circumference...


The Storm And The Calm

Mark 4:37-41 The Sea of Galilee was proverbially a stormy lake. The wind coming down from the mountains would suddenly and unexpectedly raise...

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Which Theif?

THOUSANDS FORGET THERE WERE TWO! "Oh, of course, I intend to be saved sometime, but there is no use being in a hurry about it. There is always...

two men

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Questions Where did Jacob and Laban make their covenant? On what mountain did Elijah challenge the priests of Baal? Who brought Greeks to the Lord Jesus?

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