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April 2014

empty tomb

The Resurrection of Christ

Dear Reader, "But now is Christ risen from the dead" (1 Corinthians 15:20). The Resurrection of Christ was miraculous and perfectly unique. It...

two girls

Hints For Young Christians

When first converted, we often suppose that the only difficulties we shall have to meet are those which may come from our old worldly companions;...

kingdom of God

The Kingdom Of God

Luke 17:11-21; 18: 9-24 I desire by the help of the Lord, to bring before you a very important subject-an elementary subject, but an important...


Growth Or Backsliding

In all creation growth always indicates the presence of life, and whenever this ceases, the reason is certainly either disease or death. This...


Christ's Presence With Those Who Love Him

When the Lord Jesus passed through this world as Man for the accomplishment of the will of God, His Father was ever the object before Him, and...

fire in the forest

Smart Worm

A Chief of a tribe in the Amazon jungles, who had been by grace led to see Jesus as His Saviour, was one day asked by Western explorers, who were...


Search the Scriptures

Questions Who were Puah and Shiprah? Who, besides Isaiah, saw the Lord sitting on His throne? What Gospel records the graves opening after the Lord Jesus’...

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