Echo of Songs in the Night


Part 1

To live in Thee - blest source of deepest joy!
To hear e’en now by faith Thy voice of love -
Thou living spring of bliss without alloy,
Bright inlet to the light of heaven above!

Come fill my soul! Thy light is ever pure,
And brings from heaven what Thou alone canst give,
Yea, brings Thyself, the revelation sure
Of heaven’s eternal bliss; in Thee we live.

I hail thee, Lord! of Thee my song shall speak -
Poor and unworthy strains, yet still of Thee;
Yes, fill my soul! ’tis this my heart doth seek -
To dwell in love, and God my dwelling be.

Thou’st made the Father known; Him have we seen
In Thy blest person - infinite delight!
Yes, it suffices: though we here but glean
Some foretaste of His love, ’til all be light.

O, dwell with me; let no distracting thought
Intrude to hide from me that heavenly light.
Be Thou my strength! Let not what Thou hast brought
Be chased by idle nature’s poor delight

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