The Man of Sorrows

the cross

Part 4

On him who had disowned Thee
Thine eye could look in love-
‘Midst threats and taunts around Thee-
To tears of grace to move.

What words of love and mercy
Flow from those lips of grace,
For followers that desert Thee;
For sinners in disgrace!

The robber learned beside Thee,
Upon the cross of shame-
While taunts and jeers deride Thee-
The savour of Thy Name.

Then, finished all, in meekness
Thou to Thy Father’s hand
(Perfect Thy strength in weakness,)
Thy spirit dost commend.

O Lord! Thy wondrous story
My inmost soul doth move;
I ponder o’er Thy glory-
Thy lonely path of love!

But, O Divine Sojourner
‘Midst man’s unfathomed ill,
Love, that made Thee a mourner,
It is not man’s to tell!

We worship, when we see Thee
In all Thy sorrowing path;
We long soon to be with Thee
Who bore for us the wrath!

Come then, expected Saviour;
Thou Man of Sorrows come!
Almighty, blest Deliverer!
And take us to Thee - home.

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