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October 2005


Dear Reader

What a life! So confident was our Lord of the ultimate good end of the will of God, that at whatever cost to Himself, He would seek and pursue that will...


Two Warnings and an Example

We have here an example in the case of Jesus and two warnings in Peter and in Judas. In Peter we may learn the weakness, and in Judas the dreadful wickedness...


The Breaking Of Bread

Part 4 The Lord's Supper in relation to the Assembly In the last section the “external” effects of the Lord’s Supper were before us - the behavior which...

lady running

"I press toward the mark"

The life of the Christian in the world is presented in the Word and especially by the apostle Paul, like a race toward a mark which we are trying to reach:...


Math Exercise: Bible Numbers - Part 2

Six 6 is the second number which is not a prime number. Divided, its factors are 2 and 3, which easily yield the thought of the manifestation of evil,...


The Lord's Protecting Care

A medical missionary and his friend were returning from the bank in a distant town; they had been there to collect a large amount of money. Realizing...


Burial or Cremation

Q: A friend of mine who claims to be a Christian believes that it is better to be cremated than to be buried after death. What does the Bible teaches? H.O. A: Dear...

the cross

The Man of Sorrows

Part 4 On him who had disowned Thee Thine eye could look in love- ‘Midst threats and taunts around Thee- To tears of grace to move. What words...



A terrible blizzard was raging over the Northern part of the United States, making more and more difficult the progress of a train that was slowly forcing...


Search the Scriptures

Questions Who is the youngest king mentioned in the Bible? Which books in the Bible contain the word “Christian?” How many books in the Bible end with...

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