The Lord's Protecting Care


A medical missionary and his friend were returning from the bank in a distant town; they had been there to collect a large amount of money. Realizing that they could not reach the mission hospital by nightfall, they spent the night on a lonely hillside and continued the journey the next day.

“I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for Thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety”(Ps. 4:8).

A few weeks later a man came to the hospital. After a while he said to the doctor who was treating him, “I’ve seen you before. My friends and I saw you come from the bank and followed you. When it was dark, we intended to rob you, but you were surrounded by soldiers!”

“But there were no soldiers with us,” replied the missionary. “Oh yes, there were,” said the man. “They were protecting your camp.”

Some months later, when the missionary was home for awhile, he was at a meeting and told how they were nearly robbed, and of the conversation with the hospital patient. After the meeting, a friend said to him, “What date was it when you camped out?” The missionary found the date in his diary. When the friend compared the date with his own diary, he said, “It was our prayer meeting, and I remember that night we specially prayed for you.”

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