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January 2006


Dear Reader

At the start of the New Year, it is indeed a relief to the soul to turn away from the many voices and the confusing sounds of earth to listen to the voice...

new born

Characteristics of Believers

In this chapter we have a detailed description of the saints of God. The apostle Peter, led by the Holy Spirit to write to believers who had been recently...

100 percent

The Perfect Man

Our blessed path, beloved brethren, while waiting for God’s Son from heaven, is to feed upon Him as the bread that came down from heaven. In the midst...

boxing gloves

Hit Him Under the Eye

Who was hit under the eye? Paul was! Who hit Paul under the eye? Paul did! He made a practice of doing it. “I buffet my body under the eye, and lead it...

a man relaxing


There is rest for the weary soul, There is rest in the Saviour’s love; There is rest in the grace that has made me whole- That seeks out those...


Cutting off hand or foot

Q: What does the Lord mean by cutting off hand or foot in Mark 9:43-48? A: In this passage the Lord Jesus is speaking directly to the disciples as to...

man looking greedy


Christian Living “Ye being manifested that ye are Christ’s epistle” We would like with God‘s help, to take up some of the special dangers or besetting...

baby child

Only Two

ONLY TWO WAYS So the Bible tells us—one broad, the other narrow; one leading to destruction, the other to life. Many tread the one; few the other. Reader,...


Angels, Tribes, and Serpents

Questions How many angels will be at the gate of the New Jerusalem? What two tribes of Israel were descended from an Egyptian woman? Who destroyed the...

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