Cutting off hand or foot



What does the Lord mean by cutting off hand or foot in Mark 9:43-48?


In this passage the Lord Jesus is speaking directly to the disciples as to the meaning of being “of Christ” (v. 41). In Mark’s gospel the Kingdom is presented “in power” and life. The Lord Jesus has told His disciples that if they are to represent Him in this world they must be “of Christ.” We understand that to be “in Christ” is to have all the blessing of being secure in Him as to our salvation and eternal destiny-this is the line of privilege. However, if we are to be “of Christ” it is essential that we display Him, and now we find ourselves in responsibility. Everything which gets in the way of doing that has to be taken away, else a reward, as to the Kingdom, is lost. The hand, the foot, and the eye, speaking of all our outward actions-what we do, where we go, and what we see-are to be brought into subjection. They must not offend. The words that we speak may, to outward appearance, be correct; but it is the actions that are critical to Kingdom life. At the end of the chapter, we have the emphasis on the salt. Every sacrifice in the Old Testament had to be salted, and we too, as being living sacrifices, must preserve ourselves from evil. Only as being in the practice of this ones self, can peace be maintained amongst ourselves.


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