A Wall that Gave up its secret


Many years ago a lady in Spain wanted to do something special to show her love for the Lord Jesus Christ. One day, she was talking to a man building a wall. When she discovered that he had never owned a Bible, she offered him one, writing his name on it. The man was too embarrassed to refuse it but, when she left, he said to himself, “I will never read this, and I’ll make sure no one else does either!” So he placed the Bible behind one of the stones in the wall, making sure it could not be seen, and finished the wall.

A few years later, an earthquake hit that area of Spain, and a building inspector, looking for damage, found this same wall with a crack in it. Upon examining the damage, he found to his amazement a book hidden there. Carefully he removed it and took it home to read. The inspector, after reading about the Lord Jesus, wanted, in his turn, to tell people of this great love. He became a Bible colporteur, selling Bibles from place to place.

In one town he stopped to talk to a stonemason. When he offered the mason a Bible, he was told an amazing story of how years ago this man had sealed into a wall he was building the only Bible he had ever owned. The colporteur drew from his pocket the Bible he had found in that wall. “Is this it?” he asked the stonemason. Together they looked at the front page where the lady had written the man’s name. After listening to the colporteur’s story, the startled stonemason went home to read his re-found Bible. The stonemason became a Christian and later a missionary in a foreign land.

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