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October 2019

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Dear Reader

“Be careful for nothing.” That is more easily said than done. You might say, dear reader, how is it possible that I would not be anxious about the state...

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The Advocacy of Christ

1 John 2:1 The question often arises in the minds of the Lord’s people, especially of those who are young in the faith, “What is to be done if we commit...

An open Bible

Isaiah 53

This chapter is the central chapter of the second major division of the book. This section commences with a word of comfort for God’s people and for...

A little maid

“A little maid” Faithfulness in Obscurity

2 Kings 5:2–4 There was nothing novel about the history of this little maid. Her lot was common to thousands in those hard, cruel days of intertribal...

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The Secret of Peace

“I laid me down and slept: for Jehovah sustained me” (Psalm 3:5). How emphatic and simple! Is it so with you reader? Does all trouble find your heart...

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Inner Cavity Discovered!

Egypt’s pyramids have a worldwide appeal. Most major news media covered the intriguing discovery of a large cavity inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, near...

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Questions Who told Hager to name her son Ishmael? What Amorite king refused to let the Israelites pass through his kingdom? Who is the only women mentioned...

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