Grace Unto You, and Peace Be Multiplied

By: E.S.N.

Dear Reader,

"…Grace unto you, and peace be multiplied" (1 Peter 1:2).

Grace upon us and peace within us; grace because of our weaknesses and peace because of the present tumultuous conditions; grace, which is the favor of God to cheer our hearts, and peace that can make us more than conquerors through him that loves us. Grace by day because of our continual need, and peace in the night because of dangers and snares. Both may be ours, not given grudgingly, but multiplied to us. The world, the flesh, and the devil subtract and divide; God adds and multiplies. Both grace and peace lie in the knowledge of God. Grace in that God is our resource and peace for he is our refuge.

There is grace that meets all our failures and peace for us in the presence of all our foes. Grace even though we have failed as Simon did, "for the Lord is risen indeed and hath appeared unto Simon." Peace, even His peace that allowed Peter to sleep in prison even when Herod was planning to put him to death in the morning (Acts12:5-11). It is the same Simon who has written to us, "Grace unto you and Peace be multiplied."

May the Lord use this issue of Toward the Mark to help you grow and be established as you read it.

Thank you for your e-mails and notes of encouragement.

Please keep praying for the Lord’s blessing on Toward the Mark.

Yours in our soon-coming Lord,

Emil S. Nashed

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