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April 2015


Grace Unto You, and Peace Be Multiplied

Dear Reader, "…Grace unto you, and peace be multiplied" (1 Peter 1:2). Grace upon us and peace within us; grace because of our weaknesses and peace because...


Zechariah - Part Two: Chapters 3-6

"Visions in the night" Part One finished with the reminder that God is in ultimate, total control; a great consolation to suffering saints on earth...


The King and His Kingdom

To a believer the Lord Jesus is not only Lord and Saviour, but also our King. We, who know Him as Saviour and Lord, know Him in relation to the...

sleepy man

Spiritual Slothfulness!

Some Helpful Guidelines for Christians! In these last days there is a very real danger threatening the children of God, most insidious, and therefore...

man raising his hand


” ...The Lord is risen indeed...” Luke 24:34 That the Father has been revealed in the Person of the Son, that there is a divine Person on earth,...


Comfort at Jesus’s Feet!

John 11 There is great comfort and instruction for us in taking notice of Mary, the sister of Martha, whose habit it was to be at the feet of Jesus....


Where Are We?

It was a clear night in the summer of 1995 when American Airlines #965 from Miami was setting up for the final approach to the Cali Columbia Airport....


Search the Scriptures

Questions Who did the Spirit lift up between heaven and earth by the hair of his head? To whom did the Lord Jesus say, "Weep not"? Which gospel mentions...

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