Dear Reader

By: E.S.N.

"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" (James 5:6).

If there is one thing more than another that we need to be stirred and exercised about it is this matter of prayer and this kind of prayer.

Effectual prayer is prayer that lays hold of God who is able.

Fervent prayer is prayer that comes from a heart that is burning with desire that what is done is that which only God can do.

A righteous man is a man who is subject to the will of God Himself, and so can freely and intelligently pray that the same will may be done in regard to others. Such a man prevails over every devil -every obstacle; his prayer availeth and it availeth much.

Availeth much. It turns the greatest difficulties into the most glorious opportunities, for it substitutes the power of God for the helplessness of man. So many prayers are neither effectual nor fervent. They cannot be because the will of God is not working in the heart of the one who prays. Subjection to the will of God, as expressed in His word, is essential to availing prayer. With this New Year already upon us may we as the disciples ask the Lord not only to teach us to pray but to teach us how to pray.

Dear Friends, Our hearts are full of thanksgiving to the Lord who is the Faithful and True for His good hand upon us in the past years. To you, dear reader, who is praying for Toward the Mark and to those who are helping in producing this exercise, you are known by the Lord and He is the reward of your quiet labor of love. It is our prayer that the Lord will use Toward the Mark to strengthen, encourage, and help you to be established as we are dependent on Him to feed and strengthen His people. Thank you for your overwhelming response and encouragement to this exercise. Please keep us in prayers.

Yours in our soon-coming Lord,

Emil Nashed

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