July 2023

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Dear Reader

TRUE Christianity is a life. A life grows. True Christianity is not a simple change of opinion, the adoption of a creed, the taking of a name...

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Do you have doubts about your salvation?

Do you have doubts about your salvation? Is there an uneasy feeling in your soul, a doubt in your heart, an uncertainty in your conscience? I...

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Two Tenth Deals

While we do not find one reference to the truth of the body of Christ in the Old Testament, we do find references to the company of whom th...

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Holy Brethren

The grace with which God has blessed us is full of surprises. Who would have thought, for instance, that we should ever have been addressed a...

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The Salvation of the Lord

Here is the first attitude which faith takes in the presence of a trial: “Stand still.” This is impossible to flesh and blood. All who know...

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Your Amazing Brain

“Thus saith the Lord…I know the things that come into your mind, every one of them” (Ezekiel 11:15). Your brain is a three-pound bundle of gray and...

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Uganda School Attack

“I covered myself in the blood of another to escape death.” Pupils in the Mpondwe Lhubiriha Secondary School in Uganda were singing gospel songs be...

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Questions Who saw a vision of two baskets of figs in front of the temple? Who escaped an assassination plot by being put in a basket?

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