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July 2011


The Children of Promise

Dear Reader, "Now we brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise" (Galatians 4:28). Exceeding great and precious promises are given to us through...


Addresses to the Seven Churches in Asia

Revelation 2:8-11 Smyrna Smyrna was situated about 40 miles north of Ephesus. The name Smyrna has the same root as the word myrrh, a spice used in embalming...


Did Joseph and Mary have other children after Christ’s birth?

(The question at the head of this article was received by the editor.) I recognize that this subject is one which has been raised in the past to promote...


Master: A Word Study

The word "Master" occurs some eighty-six times in the Authorized Version of the New Testament. This one English word does duty for eight different words...


Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

How is it possible to keep the heart from troubling when trouble is knocking at every door and peering through every window, and when tribulation and...


Fullness Of Joy - Part 2

O Lord, 'twas sweet the thought That Thou wast mine; But brighter still the joy That I am Thine! Thine own, O Lord, the fruit, The cherished fruit, Of...


Does Death End All?

A grade school teacher recently took a poll among his students on their attitude toward death. One third of them expected to die in a nuclear war before...


Search the Scriptures

Questions Who had a huge bed made out of iron? Where were Saul and Jonathan killed by the Philistines? What Roman official was visited by an angel who...

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