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What did the Lord Jesus mean when He said, "Mine hour is not yet come" in John 2:4?



Dear Christian,

The answer to your very important question lies in the right understanding of the expression in verse 1 of our chapter, "the third day". In John, chapter 1 we have the presentation of the Son of God, Jesus, who was in the beginning, and, as the Word, has come into the world, in flesh, to secure the children of God. On the first day, after the declaration of John, "Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world", a company is associated with Him, who follow Him and abode with Him (that day). Then, on the second day (John 1:43), there follows the confession of Jesus as the Son of God and King of Israel, by a godly remnant of Israel (prefigured in Nathanael).

Now in Chapter 2, the third day foreshadows a scene of millennial blessing when the Lord Jesus as Son on Man (1:51) turns the water of purification into wine and brings the joy and gladness at the last for a purified Israel. This beginning of miracles shows what will be the final result of His work here in this world.

However, "His hour", whether of public suffering, or of glory as Lord of all, "is not yet come". He had come to His own, and His own received Him not and now He is going about this new business. The display of Him as King in all His glory must wait, the lack of wine at the marriage is the picture of the result of His rejection by Israel. The disciples, however, are those who believe on Him, are the children of God, and behold this manifestation of His glory, in anticipation of its full display in the coming day, (John1:12, 2:11).

We, today, who are His disciples, may behold His glory with the eye of faith (Hebrews 2:7-9). His hour of suffering is over, but His hour of displayed glory is still "not come", we look on to it, but even now in our hearts and souls can enjoy the foretaste of it and render to Him the praise and adoration of our hearts.


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