The Endless Song - Part 2


"Praise the Lamb!" At once awaking,
The gathered hosts their voices throng;
Loud and wide - each tongue partaking -
Rolls renewed the endless song.

Grateful incense this, ascending,
Rises to the Father’s throne;
Every knee to Christ is bending;
All the mind in heaven is one.

All the Father’s counsels claiming
Equal honours to the Son;
All the Son’s effulgence beaming -
Glory of His Father's throne.

By the Spirit all-pervading,
Radiant hosts unnumber’d round,
Breathing glory never-fading,
Echo back the blissful sound.

Joyful now the wide creation
Rests in undisturbed repose;
Blest in Jesus’ full salvation,
Sorrow now nor thraldom knows.

Rich the streams of bounty flowing-
Common blessings from above,
Life and holy joy, bestowing -
Tell of God’s unwearied love.

Hark! the heavenly notes again!
Loudly swells the air-borne praise;
Throughout creation’s vault, "Amen!"
"Amen!" responsive joy doth raise.

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